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Bit late on getting my NaNo post up this year, but whatev' *twirls*

I still don't have a plot ready for when November rolls around! I've still got a week, but... a week. 6 days. It seems like such a tiny amount. Last year I had my plan in August. And the year before that I was itching to start writing by now. So not having a plot yet is a little... disconcerting.
I'm currently waffling around a few ideas for either
a) rewriting my currently semi-epic level TF fic as an original story involving hive minds, the pressure of stress, and the morality of consensual agreement under mental duress
b) break down and write the fanfic I planned out in July for my crack!OTP in TF
c) new original fic involving a broken hive mind, children raised as poison testers, assassins, and royal feuds
d) adding more the epic level, multi-universe, story that was my 09 win
e) make something else new up

I'm leaning strongly to hive minds this year. :/ I blame my current WIP for having First Aid in it. Silly gestalts. Wanting into everything.
I kinda wanna bounce some more ideas off someone to try and get into a new novel mindset. I'm a bit gutter stuck in the TF short story area atm. And it's a rather deep gutter full of narrow-minded plunnies, song lyrics, and more prompts then I think I could write.

(( Fellow Wrimos: When the NaNo buddies system finally reintegrates itself back into the new servers, feel free to add me! I'm Naoi on there too! ))

In good news though, thanks to an unfortunate bit of wank that got me pissed the other night, I began writing a reactionary fiction piece that actually got me somewhat over the writer's block I'd been having for a few days! :D Just goes to show, when you think you can't write anything, just sit and stab something out onto paper, and magically words will begin to appear that you might like. Case in point:
Sometimes Drift thought he was insane. That he was imagining that almost awkward pulsing. Then it would happen again, and he would wonder how he could have ever doubted that it was there.

The entire thing is about 500 words long, and miiight stretch to 2k if I keep rolling with it and all goes well. If not, eh, it served it's purpose, and the meta that inspired it is still there.

I've also gotten into a very stressful situation at work right now, and I'm planning on meeting with the store manager tomorrow to try and get the majority of it sorted out. Some of what's been happening these past few weeks is somewhat, or really, is, morally unethical. And it's a load of bull. Hopefully all turns out well. *crosses fingers*

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Date: 2011-10-25 12:58 (UTC)
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+hugs+ Wishing you best of luck. As of last night, I'm definitely heading into this with two ideas, shooting for 25k a piece, so that I can alternate as I brain dump.


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