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I had the thought last night to redo some of my journal coding over on Livejournal last night this morning at 2am. Naturally, I was tired as all get out and just started a routine system scan before going to bed with the intent I would do something about it today.

So, I wake up this morning, fall in love again with my code and the work that went into mix-coding the first time... and promptly decide that maybe I'll do a quick rewrite of my profile code instead. So I browse around for a some inspiration. Then I start coding. A framework here, a few colour swatch fiddles there, and a dash of links.

And now, a little while later, I have a profile code that, stylistically, doesn't fit either my Dreamwidth or my Livejournal. (and has a persistent border line I can't seem to root out :T)
SO! I'm sticking it here since I do like it, but I don't have anywhere else to use it.

If anyone else likes it, feel free to source the code or PM me for it. ^^

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris elit. Maecenas euismod sem. Aenean varius dolor sit amet tellus lacinia volutpat. In ut urna et metus gravida fermentum. Pellentesque at leo nec velit condimentum pretium. Morbi pretium interdum enim. Morbi vestibulum enim quis mauris. Etiam ultrices auctor nulla. Nam massa nulla, dictum in, sodales et, iaculis sed, sapien. Cras dapibus nisl in nunc. Curabitur luctus lacinia sem. Nulla facilisi. Praesent ultricies ipsum sit amet nisi. Phasellus eleifend nisi sit amet neque. Vestibulum nisl enim, dignissim a, tempor sed, mollis id, lacus. Proin dolor nisi, tempor eu, aliquet in, bibendum nec, magna. Pellentesque dui nunc, fringilla sed, rhoncus quis, lacinia non, ipsum. Vivamus ac diam nec quam convallis interdum.
× profile code.
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