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Waking up in a total slump, whining to a friend to gain courage, and then braving the snow and ice and outside in your favourite coat that makes you feel badass with an old favorite song on your headphones.

Spending less money than you thought you would to get food for the breakfast you had been putting off because of irrationality.

Playing 'kick the can' by yourself with a ball of snow and almost falling on ice, but managing not to.

Coming home and making bacon, toast, eggs, and tea; not caring if it's burnt because it's still something you yourself made, and that's a whole kind of special all on it's own that wouldn't be possible if the food came out perfect every time.

Life is special and wonderful and full of superhuman sparkles because things like this exist. Because sometimes people notice things like this exist and take all that wonder and joy and hold it tight before laughing and letting it fly free to inspire someone else.
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