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Recoded my journal layout some. Not sure yet if I like it enough to stop fiddling, or if I'll go back to the old version I had with SG First Aid. All I know right now is that my head hurts, my joints hurt, and it looks good enough to me for right now. Ugh *sniffs* I hate colds.

By the way, if you do image work/design work and haven't heard of COPASCO yet, go see! It's pretty awesome, and I've been using it to scheme my LJ and DW layout colours. The software is tied to COLOURLovers, which, if you haven't messed with either *nudges,* is an awesome site with colour palettes and seamless background images. It's pretty much my first stop for any messing around I do.

And now? Imma go collapse for a while I think.

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I had the thought last night to redo some of my journal coding over on Livejournal last night this morning at 2am. Naturally, I was tired as all get out and just started a routine system scan before going to bed with the intent I would do something about it today.

So, I wake up this morning, fall in love again with my code and the work that went into mix-coding the first time... and promptly decide that maybe I'll do a quick rewrite of my profile code instead. So I browse around for a some inspiration. Then I start coding. A framework here, a few colour swatch fiddles there, and a dash of links.

And now, a little while later, I have a profile code that, stylistically, doesn't fit either my Dreamwidth or my Livejournal. (and has a persistent border line I can't seem to root out :T)
SO! I'm sticking it here since I do like it, but I don't have anywhere else to use it.

If anyone else likes it, feel free to source the code or PM me for it. ^^

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris elit. Maecenas euismod sem. Aenean varius dolor sit amet tellus lacinia volutpat. In ut urna et metus gravida fermentum. Pellentesque at leo nec velit condimentum pretium. Morbi pretium interdum enim. Morbi vestibulum enim quis mauris. Etiam ultrices auctor nulla. Nam massa nulla, dictum in, sodales et, iaculis sed, sapien. Cras dapibus nisl in nunc. Curabitur luctus lacinia sem. Nulla facilisi. Praesent ultricies ipsum sit amet nisi. Phasellus eleifend nisi sit amet neque. Vestibulum nisl enim, dignissim a, tempor sed, mollis id, lacus. Proin dolor nisi, tempor eu, aliquet in, bibendum nec, magna. Pellentesque dui nunc, fringilla sed, rhoncus quis, lacinia non, ipsum. Vivamus ac diam nec quam convallis interdum.
× profile code.
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Hrmm... guess that'll be my next project when I get distracted from writing/finally caught up!

In the meantime, I have an awesome new NaNo desktop background! :D It features the lovely Starscream and has encouraging comments on every day! I'm ridiculously happy about it.

Still have about 5 pages worth of handwritten stuff to type up. I'm figuring that's about another 2000 words in all to type yet. Oh, and I have two voice recordings I made the other night for one chapter. Need to get to those soon too. At least I'm writing at around 4-5 pages a day to keep up with my daily word count goal! I just need to keep on top of typing it now. XD

Hmm, I feel like I was going to write something mildly entertaining here... whoops?

Anywho, I'll be on sporadic internet again for the rest of the week. I've got family coming, my mom has surgery I need to drive her out of town for, I'm behind on my homework, and I've got almost double hours at work this week!

and for real guys, this green bottle fly thing beside me is about to make me have a panic attack

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Bit late on getting my NaNo post up this year, but whatev' *twirls*

I still don't have a plot ready for when November rolls around! I've still got a week, but... a week. 6 days. It seems like such a tiny amount. Last year I had my plan in August. And the year before that I was itching to start writing by now. So not having a plot yet is a little... disconcerting.
I'm currently waffling around a few ideas for either
a) rewriting my currently semi-epic level TF fic as an original story involving hive minds, the pressure of stress, and the morality of consensual agreement under mental duress
b) break down and write the fanfic I planned out in July for my crack!OTP in TF
c) new original fic involving a broken hive mind, children raised as poison testers, assassins, and royal feuds
d) adding more the epic level, multi-universe, story that was my 09 win
e) make something else new up

I'm leaning strongly to hive minds this year. :/ I blame my current WIP for having First Aid in it. Silly gestalts. Wanting into everything.
I kinda wanna bounce some more ideas off someone to try and get into a new novel mindset. I'm a bit gutter stuck in the TF short story area atm. And it's a rather deep gutter full of narrow-minded plunnies, song lyrics, and more prompts then I think I could write.

(( Fellow Wrimos: When the NaNo buddies system finally reintegrates itself back into the new servers, feel free to add me! I'm Naoi on there too! ))

In good news though, thanks to an unfortunate bit of wank that got me pissed the other night, I began writing a reactionary fiction piece that actually got me somewhat over the writer's block I'd been having for a few days! :D Just goes to show, when you think you can't write anything, just sit and stab something out onto paper, and magically words will begin to appear that you might like. Case in point:
Sometimes Drift thought he was insane. That he was imagining that almost awkward pulsing. Then it would happen again, and he would wonder how he could have ever doubted that it was there.

The entire thing is about 500 words long, and miiight stretch to 2k if I keep rolling with it and all goes well. If not, eh, it served it's purpose, and the meta that inspired it is still there.

I've also gotten into a very stressful situation at work right now, and I'm planning on meeting with the store manager tomorrow to try and get the majority of it sorted out. Some of what's been happening these past few weeks is somewhat, or really, is, morally unethical. And it's a load of bull. Hopefully all turns out well. *crosses fingers*

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So, finals are next week, (and I don't even know for sure what they're on...) and I haven't posted on here in FOREVER. It's kinda scary to look at this page full of things I haven't said in so looong and try and figure out what to say next. Like, is anyone even there anymore?

What's happened so far in the life of Naoi is this:
♠ Got whistled at by some guys in a car for the first time the other week. I was both proud and slightly creeped out.

♠ Have been commissioned for an actual book cover design. As in something that will be printed and shown to millions of people. Super scary stuff there, and my nerves have gotten the best of me several times.
Plus my PS kung-fu has failed me. I can't get the one image to work right. Bleh. XP

♠ Bought the entire TOS series for $25 at an estate sale of a fanfic writer who moved out and left her stuff to her housemates for some reason. WIN!
Oh, and Leonard Nimoy's second autobiography I am Spock for $2. I had no idea he was such a cool writer. I loved it so much.

♠ Figured out how to do awesome light texture thingies. (I have them posted on my dA)

Can't really think of much anything else although I'm sure I left some stuff out. Ahhhhh well.
I'll try and get some more stuff up on here soon and like, keep up with it. I've actually missed blogging and whatnot. Writing is addicting to me. Spelling out your thoughts in black on white and printing them in clever turns of phrase and along lines of consciousness you may have forgotten existed till you resurrected them from the depths of your ID.
>.> I'll just shut up now. XD
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5 days until the new school semester starts...
Just 5 days...

It seems so sudden when I look at it that way, but I've had weeks to prepare for this moment. Weeks to pay for classes, buy my overpriced college textbooks, and schedule car pools. Yet...despite all this, it seems so sudden and overwhelming for school to be starting again. In a way, I'm kinda tired of waiting for it and just want to get back into the swing of it all, but I also can't help but feel apprehension that I'm starting over in a new campus where I don't know any of the teachers, where their rooms are, or what the parking permits look like. (or really...where the campus is. This needs to be rectified immediately...)

Wish me luck please!

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I went to pick up my pre-order of FFXIII today, and a most lucky thing happened. I had pre-ordered both the game and the special edition guide (#53,655! ♥). When the guy handed them over, he told me that I now had in my hands, the last special edition guide that had been delivered to the store. *dies* I am sooooo glad I picked it up when I did today instead of waiting until this afternoon.
As a side note, the hardcover special edition guide smells awesome! X3 The smell of that ffine paper, the glue from the binding, and the overall new bookieness of it. *melts* (yes, I did sit here and flip through the page with my nose stuffed in it XP)

Also, it has been pointed out to me that my plan for the Zombie Apocalypse is sadly lacking. So, I bring a re-vised addition to the table for commenting upon.  I will be wielding a large katana like sword to attack with slash damage, fire damage optional and likely out-of-control is attempted. Caits has claimed a metal baseball bat with which to inflict blunt damage with a chance of paralysis. Evie has been gifted with a bladed staff complete with bells and feathers he can use to poke the zombies attacking him. And maybe slash at them. Or beat them over the head. It depends really. Now, am I missing something? Oh...Thomas...he needs something. Sadly, computers can't hack zombie brains. XDD

I have come to the conclusion my parents will be difficult to live with for a much more extended period of time. So far, they have managed to insult both me and my closest friends in a period of, oh, like an hour. >< (some of this is exaggerated, sadly, most isn't)
Cait doesn't hang out with a large group of people her age, so she MUST be a pedophile who will make me drop out of college.
Evie is gay, so he MUST be having a hard time meeting new people; he'll obviously drop dead from the stress, and we all feel so SORRY for him.
There was more, but this is what really pissed me off. >XC Cait hangs out with us because we are her friends, and we're smarter than most people her age are (at least around here). Evie gay, sure, but that doesn't make him miserable all the time. Plus, just cause he's gay doesn't mean we should all feel sorry for him.
The only positive to come out of that conversation was that they accpeted the fact that I have a boyfriend. The bad part of that statement is that they want to meet him. I am now stuck cleaning the whole house, top to bottom. Including sanitizing every reachable surface. DX

I started playing Dissidia at the dentist's today while waiting for my appointment time. Through some strange twist of time, I wound up there two hours early... I seriously have no idea why I was that early.
Anyways though, I did the download thing so my game would load faster, and started playing while ignoring the little kid a few seats over who was arguing with his mom. I made it throught the tutorial thing pretty well and just stated on some quick battles rather than the storyline mode because I didn't know how long I would have. I am proud to say that I won over half of my battles. The sad part is that I still don't understand what I'm doing. o.O I basically mashed buttons, won by determination (how else would I win with a 96 bravery when my oppponent has over 1000!?), and then failed to block the EX mode attacks that hit me.
I did manage to figure out the triangle thingy though! (run up walls, etc) Other than that...I got nothing. XD

And I just lost the game. XP
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I must concur with Cait that Gmail hates processing gay boys, because for the past like, hour, it hasn't been loading his emails. DX You suck Gmail!
I had to open basic HTML view just to read them. XE And basicl HTML mode doesn't auto-update with new emails.

I, much as everyone else I know, went and saw Alice in Wonderland this weekend. It was EPIC. Johnny Depp kinda sucked, but I didn't really care about that. What I cared about was the fact that the CHESHIRE CAT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!! ♥ ♥ ♥ I love the Cheshire Cat so much, and I'm really happy they didn't screw his character over. ^^
Another really awesome fact is that Ansem the Wise/DiZ is the same guy that voiced the Jabberwocky! XDDD Cait and I both had a mini come-apart. X3 And the Cheshire Cat is the narrator for the HP movies. ♥

Over the weekend, my parents decided I was going to help them clean the property up. All 104 acres. *is dead* We didn't even but barely make a dent in it. I was the one stuck wading though the stream to pull 30 ft long vines up out of the creek bed. And they had tap roots longer than my arm every couple of feet. My legs are kiiiilling me from where I had to bend down to get enough leverage to yank them out. This isn't ven going into how I had to re-build the bank from where my dad spewed it everywhere with the bushhog.
And then yesterday, my mom dragged me back out there again even though I still hurt.
It was yesterday, probably around like 11am maybe, that I became decent at using a machete to cut down anything in my path. Mwah-ha-ha! I even chopped down trees! Trees! My awesomeness with bladed weapons just increases every year. XD Yea, I'm just happy I got to swing a machete around and take out my frustration on the various trees, weeds, and briars that grow around our creek. Especially since one group of briars tried to save its fellows by wrapping around my arms and back to keep me from moving. -_____- So yea, my arm is scratched up slightly from that. It doesn't hurt though.
The bad news in all this is that I can barely move my legs all the way. And they start trembling if I stand on them too long. The inside of my hands also hurts too because I couldn't use gloves, but it's pretty much better now. I'm hoping the pain will be gone enough I can go skating with Cait tomorrow! X3

Sidenote: In a strange twist of fate (and it truely was), I have managed to find myself with a boyfriend. o.O How? you may ask; I ask myself this pretty much every other day. In better news, I was right about the guy I thought liking me as actually liking me. So, score one for me!
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So, I just finished two Lab Quizzes in BIO. I made two 100s! Yay! X3
So now I'm currently leeching internet from the school and waiting for 1 o'clock to roll around so I can head off to Nationals. I really should be working on my HIS midterm that's due tonight but.... I don't really wanna.
I'm a bit annoyed at that class right now because I made a 7/8 on my last paper for some reason. >< The teacher hasn't responded about the grade yet, but he said that my midterm sounded very well thought out so far when I asked him about the line "historical legacy" he wanted us to write about.

In other news, I went to Wal-Mart last night to pick up some more of my powdered drink mix for the trip, and I managed to find myself in an alise that was compromised of toilet paper and chocolate.... o.O
I have absolutely NO IDEA what those two items have in common, but ooookay Wal-Mart, if you say so.
And to top it all off, they didn't have my Strawberry-Kiwi mix. They had everything BUT. X# So, I had to get up earlier than normal this morning so I could head to the other Wal-Mart and buy my drink mixes at 5 o'clock in the morning. As cool as it is to watch the floor waxer guys bop along the ailse, I would have preferred to sleep in a little more.
AND GOSH DARN IT, I forgot my lunch this morning too on my way out. DX It suuuucked. ;~; I had to buy a lunchable just so I would have something cheap because my current monetary claim is $4. I also forgot my cream puffs as well. *sniff* Luckily, they were in the fridge when I left, so they won't dry out too fast. Maybe they'll still be good when I get back next week? Maybe?

Speaking of Nationals, I managed to get thrice as many points yesterday during practice than I normally do. ^^ I was extremely proud of myself for that. Especially since one of them was "xkcd". XD

Also, my Asian Philosphical Calendar Thingy... (shut-up) bas been giving me some awesome quotes lately. They've managed to spin off about a ka-gillion new ideas for HP plots. XD

What is evil but good tortured by its own hunger and thirst? I mean really, does no one else see the TMR sloughed all over that line?
Freedom is a state of mind-not freedom from something. Harry and his being manipulated by Dumbledore anyone?
Amoung the most remarkable features characterizing Zen, we find these: spirituality, directness of expression, disregard of form or conventionalism, and frequently an almost wanton delight in going astray from respectability. Sirius Black! "an almost wanton delight in going astray" fits him perfectly. Hmmm, Cait needs to read this one, it might help her in NR.
We do not learn by experience, but by our capacity for experience. Idk on this one, it's just awesome!
As one lamp serves to dispel a thousand years of darkness, so one flash of wisdom destroys ten thousand years of ignorance. Totally epic quote that would serve as a great 'Harry learns the truth and comes back stronger than expected' story.

Hmm, I still have half an hour before we leave. Guess I better go get started on my HIS midterm so the team won't yell at me on the trip down. (I totally have a DC adaptor for my laptop though so I can work on it during the 5 hour+ trip)

As a parting gift, I leave you with a snippet of the rough copy of the beginning of Ghosts of the Past, a Naruto fanfic I've been steadily chipping away at in my free time.

Ghosts of the Past Prologue Part I ♥ )

If anyone wants to read/see more, I'll explain more about it.
Till next week (or earlier if I slack off and sneak back over here ;P), I hope you enjoy the snippet! And wish me luck at Nationals if you care to please! ♥
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Some days, I am amazed at my own ineptitude. Seriously.
I was practicing two days ago for the tournament that I read today and noted that, because of where I live right now, my speech patterns and diction have gone very far downhill. I was stumbling over names and I swear I slurred the word "fifteen" at least ten times. I also misplaced some of my pauses and rushed other parts. DX I also have recently noticed that my short-term memory is no where near as good as it used to be. It's so sad, and these failings just make me feel so frustrated at myself.

Onto better news!
After I read my first set, the guy whom I am more and more confident that he likes me came up after the teams had all left and said that I did very good for my first time and he was pleasantly surprised. We also had fun commenting on how stupid/annoying the teams were. We also got into a staple fight. XD So childish I know. But I can confidantly say he started it when he began popping them at me during break.
A few others also told me that I did well reading. It kinda makes up for my current self-disappointment that I didn't seem to do as badly as I did. (I don't think they realized that I ended up improv-ing some parts of the questions when I misread them. "were at one time called" got changed to "were called at one time" type stuff)

After we finished the tournament, the guy (I really should just start naming him), drove us out to a pizza buffet place. He seemed astonished that I had never been to one before. ^^ It was okay, but buffet is really wasted on me since I have a small stomach and only ate like 3 pieces... He also paid for my meal since I only had $9 on me, and I still have to get gas like SOON.
So yea, a guy who works at Burger King wouldn't just pay for someone's meal on a complete whim would he? Cause if BK gives that good of wages, I'm about to go see if they are hiring. XD I'm currently looking up some good recipies to make him a batch of cookies to say thank you for all the nice stuff he's done for me.
He has also volunteered (without prompting!) to help me write my horrendous 5-6 page history paper due next week.  He definantly deserves something.
I guess I should also mention that I am currently driving him up the wall because I called him "interesting" and refuse to explain myself. XD

So I have like 3 pages worth of History papers to go BS now. -_____- Meh. It's not that I don't like history, it's that I don't like writing papers for it based on someone else's terms. I can write an epic paper on the Tokugawa Shogunate, but "Imperialism in Africa"? I didn't even know Africa had imperialism... -_-;; And the paper is due in 7 hours... Heh...
I also have midterms next week. F!CK. xE

EDIT: My mother bought pizza tonight for everyone... The ironies of life strike again XD
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So, I have decided that my scholar's bowl team is decidedly stupid despite being some of the smartest people in our area. (Not kidding, our team captian is nationally ranked, and I have yet to see him take home anything less than a 1st place trophy for individual scores o.O)
We were waiting for out sponser to get back to the bus this morning so we could head to the tournament, and due to our randomness of conversation, I learned that none of them knew what pansexual meant. I mean really. It's not that out there, not like demisexual or gray-a. They also missed a question on Canada Day. Although, that may just be my Candian-ness getting upset there... XD
We managed to come in second. It kinda sucked, but since it's generally a toss-up between us and this one other school, it's not that bad. We didn't lose to like a no-name school or anything. And it did come down to a tie-breaker.

We also have to have one of the most bi-polar teammates ever. She started getting upset that the others were buzzing in before her and so she just put her head down, and when she actually knew the answers on bonuses, she wouldn't tell. Like, hell, grrl. It's a TEAM sport, not an individual. Just cause they give trophys for individual performance doesn't mean you drag the whole team down with you. XE She also stomped out of the room when the donut box wouldn't open... We all just stayed away from her the rest of the time, we thought she might stab us or something.
Then, on the way home, she was fine. Bi-polar scary. (is it ironic that bi-polar was an answer to one of today's questions? XD)

I am also still of the opinion that the one guy on my team likes me. He called me/my actions cute at least 3 times today. He also cleared my car off of snow when we got back to the school to pick up our vehicles and go home. It was actually really sweet. ♥ I was over by my car using my hand/sweater to clear the mounds of snow off (thus freezing my hand in the process DX) and he pulls this towel out of the trunk of his car and comes over and wipes off my windows for me.
Then we all got into a snow fight while waiting for our cars to warm up. He rubbed a handful of snow in my hair, someone else threw a wad at his neck, then he retaliated and threw some around randomly and it somehow manages to get down my shirt. Everyone laughed. I haven't had a good snow fight in forever. XD
He also tried to teach me how to have a pillow fight last night since I've never had a pillow fight before. I didn't really understand it though, so one of the other guys jumped across the beds and started to fight him. It was entertaining to watch. XD They were hopping and rolling all around the room.

I have also discovered a new band that is pretty awesome. Alter Bridge. I totally recommend "Ties That Bind". It's such an imaginative song. Expecially for HP. ♥ ♥

Another great piece of recent news. ... I just finished my HIS papers. XD Yes, I left myself 3 hours to write 2 papers. But hey, I wasn't planning on getting snowed in, nor on the internet at the hotel we stayed at being so crappy. It kept cutting out every few minutes. DX Also, my laptop was the only one that could get signal for any great length of time. So, yay FRED, but srsly ppls. Get some good internet at your hotel.
And clean your coffee pot ocassionally. DX

I should probably be working on Duskborn now, but my fingers hurt like hell. Have you ever stuck your hand in an ant hill before? My hand kinda feels like that. DX Burning pain with little stinging bites all over, plus, I can't bend my fingers very far right now. I'm hoping some sleep will make it all better, cause my deadline for V&Vs is tomorrow, and although Cait has done the bulk, I don't want it to be crappy like my last thrown together chapter. -.-

*distraction*Okay, that was the coolest vest/jacket that I have ever seen. I don't know know what my housemate is watching, but this girl was wearing this red leather vest thing with brown sleeves, and when her gun ran out of bullets, she unzipped her sleeves upwards and pulled out a bow. X3 That was sooo cool. I want one of those.*/distraction*


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