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So [personal profile] ilyena_sylph is totally one of the most awesome people in the world and had me in tears a little while ago ya'll. She gifted me with two months of paid time and I am about to use the hell out of these months. ♥

The curious and ever-stalking up and up sort will notice the addition of 46 new icons already. I am currently charting out a custom mood theme to being making caps. I'm gonna be brave (and possibly ridiculous if we're being honest) and try and make a Kuroko no Basuke theme to go with my new obsession. I haven't seen any floating around yet, so I may be making the first! ♥

Eeee~ *scuttles off in a wave of rolling flails and peppermint cookies*
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To those with and those without a significant other to spend the day with. ♥
I hope your day is filled with love and joy.

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So, I'm totally not doing what I'm supposed to be doing and am instead writing this blog post. Art class is over-rated anyways. XP

So, I made my FMA t-shirt yesterday. A few notes of interest for anyone making a t-shirt tranfer t-shirt:
1. DO NOT USE A COOKIE SHEET AS AN IRONING BOARD. It gets very hot and can burn your hand when you take it out of the shirt.
2. It helps if you actually turn on the iron before swinging it across your shirt....
3. When you print out your design, use the 'High Quality' setting of your printer so you get more ink. More ink = better inmage transfer.

XDD Yea, I learned all that yesterday doing my FMA shirt. (and shush, I haven't done a t-shirt transfer in a several months xp) Other than that, the shirt actually turned out pretty well. I was surprised and happy. I'll be posting a pic on DA later so Caits can see it since she has to work Kindergarden today and couldn't come meet me. ;_;

I just discovered that DA had PS swatches for download as well as brushes! It's so cool and amazing! ♥ ♥ I've been raping the internet the past two days getting me some fonts, brushes, bases, and now swatch sets. Be prepared, I'm about to spam with new icons, backgrounds, and headers. XD I've fallen into experimentation heaven.

Until laters (my art teacher is heading back my way DX).
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So yesterday Caits and I actually sat down and planned when we were going to have all the new Duskborn chapters posted. It's still amazing how much work the two of us can get done when we actually try. XD We came up with the schedule, a new outline, fixed up some pairing glitches, titled the next twenty chapters, and generally worked like crazy and came up with a plan we can poke the other with when we fall behind. ^-^V
Inspired by the NaNo calendars, I sat down and made myself a new background with our update schedule on it. I then proceeded to make 11 more... XDD Don't you just love artistic inspiration.

I have also decided to join Caits in a 100 icon challenge. So now I get to go scour the web for brushes, bases, and fonts so I can get started. Most likely, we'll be posting parts of our batches to the Duskborn community as we go. We're also both too lazy to censor our work and make it non-spoiler, so feel free to watch for the icons and make guesses as to what will happen. XD
I have also surpassed the realm of fan obsesstivity (is that even a word? XD). I made a floor plan for Harry when he gets to Forks. ... Yes, I am that much of a nerd. But I would rather be a nerd than a jock who has no idea what a raver is. (true story, my fellow teammates asked what a raver was when I remarked that almost half of my friends were ravers)

I'm also making a FMA t-shirt that I hope to surprise Caits with tomorrow. Yay for side-projects and procrastination! ♥


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