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So after spamming the Duskborn Community with new posts, my hands are finally tiring out. Plus, I'm wokring from my room, so my laptop is at like waist level and it's KILLING my wrists.

I worked a little bit on the new!Harry pic for Duskborn inbetween doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen (seriously, am I a maid on my days off or something?),and I finally finished the shading for his skin. It's a bit too gray yet, so I need to pull a Hue/Sat on it to goldenize it, but that won't take long. Then I just need to shade in the drapes, give him actual hair instead of a placeholder, and stick in some background elements, and it will FINALLY be done. x.x This picture has been killing me with the angles and the lighting.


Evan Harrison (in progess and balding o.O) )

In other news, I found a new manga series (only 4 chapters long so far) that is pretty interesting. I have no idea if it has been discontinued or what since there is noupdate schedule for it, but it's really cool from the 32 pages I've been able to read so far. This is the main point why having dial-up kills me sometimes. It has taken over 2 hours to read 32 pages. -______- Oh! It's called "Are You Alice?" btw. I have a little obsession with Alice in Wondderland and the Cheshire Cat, as Cait can tell you. That obsession has recently been brought back to life too with a new plot for an HP fic. ^^ I have all the details on my blogspot and won't bother repeating them here.
Anyways (got off topic real easily there...) what with dial-up taking forever, I've been saving each page image by image and will most likely bein doing several new icons for the series as I wait for the next page/chapter to load. It's got some pretty art.

I really wanna know if Go Comi! is going to release the next volume of Yggdrasil... DX I love that series. ♥

School sucks. Soooo bad. I have to go tomorrow and I most assuredly don't want to see my art teacher. She's so SENILE! Has she never heard of retirement? Luckily, what with all the ideas for fanart that I have and the fact that I'm one of her favorites (oh why must I talk back to her when she talks to me?!?), she lets me get by with most anything I want to do. As long as I follow the general guideline of the exercise, I'm good. And seriously, what can't you do when she says "do something with perspective"? Say hello to some new room drawings for my various fanfiction. I can't wait till she starts on eyes and noses and stuff. I'll be able to draw some more humanoid fanart then instead of the landscapes I've been doing.
She's also under the impression that I know how to do calligraphy. Why? o.O


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