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SHINee did a cover of "Forever or Never"! *dies*
I about crashed my car last night when it came on and I realized what it was. XD Luckily I was able to recover quickly.

The lyrics of the SHINee version don't match up with the Cinema Bizarre version (which I first fell in love with). SM Ent. calmed it down a lot. It still has the same musical flow as the original however, and I still love it! ♥
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So, I was browsing through Mikel's old blog and decided I would jump on the meme bandwagon. :⊃ Thus, this post.
I would like to point out my score to people who seem to be constantly amazed at my seemingly random knowledge of music. And then thank them for introducing me to a couple of these bands. XD


Music Obsession Meme )


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So, I have decided that my scholar's bowl team is decidedly stupid despite being some of the smartest people in our area. (Not kidding, our team captian is nationally ranked, and I have yet to see him take home anything less than a 1st place trophy for individual scores o.O)
We were waiting for out sponser to get back to the bus this morning so we could head to the tournament, and due to our randomness of conversation, I learned that none of them knew what pansexual meant. I mean really. It's not that out there, not like demisexual or gray-a. They also missed a question on Canada Day. Although, that may just be my Candian-ness getting upset there... XD
We managed to come in second. It kinda sucked, but since it's generally a toss-up between us and this one other school, it's not that bad. We didn't lose to like a no-name school or anything. And it did come down to a tie-breaker.

We also have to have one of the most bi-polar teammates ever. She started getting upset that the others were buzzing in before her and so she just put her head down, and when she actually knew the answers on bonuses, she wouldn't tell. Like, hell, grrl. It's a TEAM sport, not an individual. Just cause they give trophys for individual performance doesn't mean you drag the whole team down with you. XE She also stomped out of the room when the donut box wouldn't open... We all just stayed away from her the rest of the time, we thought she might stab us or something.
Then, on the way home, she was fine. Bi-polar scary. (is it ironic that bi-polar was an answer to one of today's questions? XD)

I am also still of the opinion that the one guy on my team likes me. He called me/my actions cute at least 3 times today. He also cleared my car off of snow when we got back to the school to pick up our vehicles and go home. It was actually really sweet. ♥ I was over by my car using my hand/sweater to clear the mounds of snow off (thus freezing my hand in the process DX) and he pulls this towel out of the trunk of his car and comes over and wipes off my windows for me.
Then we all got into a snow fight while waiting for our cars to warm up. He rubbed a handful of snow in my hair, someone else threw a wad at his neck, then he retaliated and threw some around randomly and it somehow manages to get down my shirt. Everyone laughed. I haven't had a good snow fight in forever. XD
He also tried to teach me how to have a pillow fight last night since I've never had a pillow fight before. I didn't really understand it though, so one of the other guys jumped across the beds and started to fight him. It was entertaining to watch. XD They were hopping and rolling all around the room.

I have also discovered a new band that is pretty awesome. Alter Bridge. I totally recommend "Ties That Bind". It's such an imaginative song. Expecially for HP. ♥ ♥

Another great piece of recent news. ... I just finished my HIS papers. XD Yes, I left myself 3 hours to write 2 papers. But hey, I wasn't planning on getting snowed in, nor on the internet at the hotel we stayed at being so crappy. It kept cutting out every few minutes. DX Also, my laptop was the only one that could get signal for any great length of time. So, yay FRED, but srsly ppls. Get some good internet at your hotel.
And clean your coffee pot ocassionally. DX

I should probably be working on Duskborn now, but my fingers hurt like hell. Have you ever stuck your hand in an ant hill before? My hand kinda feels like that. DX Burning pain with little stinging bites all over, plus, I can't bend my fingers very far right now. I'm hoping some sleep will make it all better, cause my deadline for V&Vs is tomorrow, and although Cait has done the bulk, I don't want it to be crappy like my last thrown together chapter. -.-

*distraction*Okay, that was the coolest vest/jacket that I have ever seen. I don't know know what my housemate is watching, but this girl was wearing this red leather vest thing with brown sleeves, and when her gun ran out of bullets, she unzipped her sleeves upwards and pulled out a bow. X3 That was sooo cool. I want one of those.*/distraction*
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Gasp! Two posts in one day! X3

So, I have a question that's been bugging me lately. If a guy compliments you on your shoes and hair (different days), drives you across campus to your car every day, volunteers to give you a drumstick from his favorite band for free (he's going to stand in line for hours just to get in), and generally stands close to you (aka: inside your personal bubble), does that mean he likes you? o.O

Also, the swatches function in PS is totally awesome. I've only started using it since lunchtime today, but it ROCKS. X33 I can't believe I haven't been using it before now. (kinda like Caits and masking XP) I'm about 40% done on another Duskborn fanart piece since I confused my art teacher into letting me use my computer all class. (She didn't know what a pixel was. FAIL.) It's definantly a challenge learning to colour in PS instead of SAI. Much harder, and I have to be more aware of my entire screen.

Since Caits and I are behind on actually writing Duskborn, I've decided to try and self-motivate myself by putting a shirtless-standing-in-the-rain!Draco above my plot board. That way I'll look at it more often. XD If that fails, I don't know what to do.

I've managed to re-discover my love for 30 Seconds to Mars recently. Completely by accident. I found an old cd I had burned a long time ago (years), and decided to listen to it since I had shuffled through all my recent music. So it starts playing and I'm like "What is this? Hey, it's actually pretty awesome." I then spent several moments trying to get the artist name to display on my cd player. When I finally did, it was like "Huh, I didn't know I had anything by them. Still cool though." And that is the way my mind works... XD
I've also found two new artists that are really cool too. Halestorm is a rock type band that has awesome music. Plus, the lead singer is very pretty and has an interetsing voice. The other is Lily Allen. She's a bit odd, but so fun to listen to. She is most definantly pro-homosexual, and her songs show that in some of the lyrics. "Let me be your fag hag and you can be my gay" being one example. XD


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