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Being the silly fangirl I am, I recently got sucked back into the world of Naruto fanfiction. Now, either the fic writers have all gone downhill, or I used to have really shitty taste in fanficion. That or I'm just pickier.

But for real.

So the basis of the story is that Naruto and Sasuke, uber rivals, are locked in a house together to help them get along (either they kill one another, or work out their differences). Okay, that's fine - not a problem with that. The issue I take is that after the two of them get into a silly argument, Naruto stomps over to his sleeping bag and complains internally that he wishes there were a weapon on hand that he could use to kill Sasuke.

....lemme just take a MOMENT here to explain the error in this thinking.
You were just eating breakfast in the kitchen. What about the table?! Break a leg off and beat his head in! Use the chair to smash into his back and then grab a shard and cut his throat!
What about the utensils you were eating with?! Smash a knife into his gut! Gouge his eyes out with a spoon! Stab his throat with a fork!
What about the food itself?! Lob some of those fruits at his head! Drown him with milk! Hell, there's a sink in the kitchen too! Drown him there! Or even poison!
What about that door you went through in the morning to get to the bathroom?! Rip the knob off and throw it at him! Break the door down to make a club!
What about that sleeping bag you're sitting on?! Suffocate him with it! Tear a strip off and choke him to death! You can use his sleeping bag after he's dead anyways.
You're wearing clothes too, right?! Tear your damn shirt off and kill him with that!

So no. Sorry. I can't read this story anymore. It took me less than five minutes to think of things you could use to kill Sasuke with, and I wasn't even trying. You're a high level ninja and you can't think of any of this? I call bullshit.
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Okay. This is getting ridiculous.
I've been searching for about a week now in an attempt to find ANY Harry Potter crossovers involving Kpop/SHINee/DBSK/etc. and I haven't been able to find hardly anything! I've found only two things... a drabble and a crack!oneshot. T~T

Am I the only one interested in this?
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Nor does Fasion Design = Graphic Design. (I mean really, think about that for a minute)

Please stop trying to tell me otherwise, because truthfully - despite your continued efforts to try and convince me otherwise - not everything in the world is graphic design.

this is not aimed at one specific person but more at the adults in my life in general
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Why would you go to the funeral for one of your 'friend's - whose dad has just died - and make fun of them behind their back? I mean, I can understand some light teasing to try and lighten the mood a bit, but outright insults? Seriously people. Do the words "common decency" and "emotional maturity" mean nothing to people around here?

Also, I find it amusing that I am apparently the only one at my college without a "Ms." in front of my name on my online log-in. o.O Wtf.
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So after spamming the Duskborn Community with new posts, my hands are finally tiring out. Plus, I'm wokring from my room, so my laptop is at like waist level and it's KILLING my wrists.

I worked a little bit on the new!Harry pic for Duskborn inbetween doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen (seriously, am I a maid on my days off or something?),and I finally finished the shading for his skin. It's a bit too gray yet, so I need to pull a Hue/Sat on it to goldenize it, but that won't take long. Then I just need to shade in the drapes, give him actual hair instead of a placeholder, and stick in some background elements, and it will FINALLY be done. x.x This picture has been killing me with the angles and the lighting.


Evan Harrison (in progess and balding o.O) )

In other news, I found a new manga series (only 4 chapters long so far) that is pretty interesting. I have no idea if it has been discontinued or what since there is noupdate schedule for it, but it's really cool from the 32 pages I've been able to read so far. This is the main point why having dial-up kills me sometimes. It has taken over 2 hours to read 32 pages. -______- Oh! It's called "Are You Alice?" btw. I have a little obsession with Alice in Wondderland and the Cheshire Cat, as Cait can tell you. That obsession has recently been brought back to life too with a new plot for an HP fic. ^^ I have all the details on my blogspot and won't bother repeating them here.
Anyways (got off topic real easily there...) what with dial-up taking forever, I've been saving each page image by image and will most likely bein doing several new icons for the series as I wait for the next page/chapter to load. It's got some pretty art.

I really wanna know if Go Comi! is going to release the next volume of Yggdrasil... DX I love that series. ♥

School sucks. Soooo bad. I have to go tomorrow and I most assuredly don't want to see my art teacher. She's so SENILE! Has she never heard of retirement? Luckily, what with all the ideas for fanart that I have and the fact that I'm one of her favorites (oh why must I talk back to her when she talks to me?!?), she lets me get by with most anything I want to do. As long as I follow the general guideline of the exercise, I'm good. And seriously, what can't you do when she says "do something with perspective"? Say hello to some new room drawings for my various fanfiction. I can't wait till she starts on eyes and noses and stuff. I'll be able to draw some more humanoid fanart then instead of the landscapes I've been doing.
She's also under the impression that I know how to do calligraphy. Why? o.O
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Gasp! Two posts in one day! X3

So, I have a question that's been bugging me lately. If a guy compliments you on your shoes and hair (different days), drives you across campus to your car every day, volunteers to give you a drumstick from his favorite band for free (he's going to stand in line for hours just to get in), and generally stands close to you (aka: inside your personal bubble), does that mean he likes you? o.O

Also, the swatches function in PS is totally awesome. I've only started using it since lunchtime today, but it ROCKS. X33 I can't believe I haven't been using it before now. (kinda like Caits and masking XP) I'm about 40% done on another Duskborn fanart piece since I confused my art teacher into letting me use my computer all class. (She didn't know what a pixel was. FAIL.) It's definantly a challenge learning to colour in PS instead of SAI. Much harder, and I have to be more aware of my entire screen.

Since Caits and I are behind on actually writing Duskborn, I've decided to try and self-motivate myself by putting a shirtless-standing-in-the-rain!Draco above my plot board. That way I'll look at it more often. XD If that fails, I don't know what to do.

I've managed to re-discover my love for 30 Seconds to Mars recently. Completely by accident. I found an old cd I had burned a long time ago (years), and decided to listen to it since I had shuffled through all my recent music. So it starts playing and I'm like "What is this? Hey, it's actually pretty awesome." I then spent several moments trying to get the artist name to display on my cd player. When I finally did, it was like "Huh, I didn't know I had anything by them. Still cool though." And that is the way my mind works... XD
I've also found two new artists that are really cool too. Halestorm is a rock type band that has awesome music. Plus, the lead singer is very pretty and has an interetsing voice. The other is Lily Allen. She's a bit odd, but so fun to listen to. She is most definantly pro-homosexual, and her songs show that in some of the lyrics. "Let me be your fag hag and you can be my gay" being one example. XD
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So, I'm totally not doing what I'm supposed to be doing and am instead writing this blog post. Art class is over-rated anyways. XP

So, I made my FMA t-shirt yesterday. A few notes of interest for anyone making a t-shirt tranfer t-shirt:
1. DO NOT USE A COOKIE SHEET AS AN IRONING BOARD. It gets very hot and can burn your hand when you take it out of the shirt.
2. It helps if you actually turn on the iron before swinging it across your shirt....
3. When you print out your design, use the 'High Quality' setting of your printer so you get more ink. More ink = better inmage transfer.

XDD Yea, I learned all that yesterday doing my FMA shirt. (and shush, I haven't done a t-shirt transfer in a several months xp) Other than that, the shirt actually turned out pretty well. I was surprised and happy. I'll be posting a pic on DA later so Caits can see it since she has to work Kindergarden today and couldn't come meet me. ;_;

I just discovered that DA had PS swatches for download as well as brushes! It's so cool and amazing! ♥ ♥ I've been raping the internet the past two days getting me some fonts, brushes, bases, and now swatch sets. Be prepared, I'm about to spam with new icons, backgrounds, and headers. XD I've fallen into experimentation heaven.

Until laters (my art teacher is heading back my way DX).
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I so totally just learned the most AWESOME thing about Photoshop eva! xDDD

So, like, Windows 7 was being a b!tch and refusing to let me run my copy of CS2 on my laptop. I was all like 'Ha-ell NO!' and tried to run a compatability mode with it. It zigged when I zagged and shot me down again. x.x By this time (two days since I started), I was kinda pissed; add this to the fact that I dislike Windows 7 anyway cause it's ugly, and you have a recipe for disaster.
Today, I decided 'to hell with it' and got out my copy of CS3 and decided to just put IT in my laptop. I got it installed fine, and I got past the first part of activation. Until... it asked for my 2.3 Upgrade serial number. My disc has no number. I have the serial number for the 2.3 installation of Adobe, and the DreamWeaver serial number, not the 2.3 upgrade serial number itself. Seriously ready to throw my laptop against the wall, I called tech support to get it sorted out. Surprisingly, I got a helpful guy on the other end. It was then I found out the most awesome thing about Photoshop. YOU CAN CHALLENGE PHOTOSHOP FOR ACTIVATION! XDD
The tech support guy got me through the first screen, and then through some fancy finger configuration, I ended up in a screen giving me a challenge number and asking for a response number. IT WAS SO F-ING AWSOME! Needless to say, I now (fianlly) have a fully functional version of Photoshop on my laptop that I can use. ♥ ♥

I'll be messing around making icons in my spare time at school now. XD Take that stupid art teacher who won't teach us anything! (I've finished some awesome Duskborn stuff in her class though.)


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