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Waking up in a total slump, whining to a friend to gain courage, and then braving the snow and ice and outside in your favourite coat that makes you feel badass with an old favorite song on your headphones.

Spending less money than you thought you would to get food for the breakfast you had been putting off because of irrationality.

Playing 'kick the can' by yourself with a ball of snow and almost falling on ice, but managing not to.

Coming home and making bacon, toast, eggs, and tea; not caring if it's burnt because it's still something you yourself made, and that's a whole kind of special all on it's own that wouldn't be possible if the food came out perfect every time.

Life is special and wonderful and full of superhuman sparkles because things like this exist. Because sometimes people notice things like this exist and take all that wonder and joy and hold it tight before laughing and letting it fly free to inspire someone else.
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is to actually type something up. I can't get back into the habit of posting journal entries unless I actually start posting journal entries. I'm a genius like that, I know.

First off, *hugs* to everyone who needs one. It seems like this holiday season is a hard one for most of you on my flist this year.

Second, well. I assume there should be a second since there was a first, but I'm not actually sure what this second will consist of. Oh! Mayhaps I shall mention the blizzard we just had! The lovely Winter Storm Draco (and doesn't that make for a horrible SOFAI and HP crossover) came by and dumped a ton of snow on us here. My work called and told me not to come in this morning, so I spent the day colouring and staring out the window at the various plows passing by. Also huddled in a sleeping bag and three layers of clothes because I'm weak like that.

Colouring is going surprisingly well! I downloaded a few new brushes today and worked on trying them out. I love them to bits already. (To the curious, I got the link from my Fantasy Artist mag and the brushes themselves from Unfortunately, the combination of a more traditional painting style with the style I used just before resulted in what is, so far, 86 layers. My computer is not pleased with this, and I'm not 100% about it either, but practice makes perfect! So more painting and more painting to go.

Digressing a tad, work is going well. It's cheap retail work for an impatient company, but it's still work. I was scheduled for 46 hours this week, but with the blizzard and all, it'll drop some. Lots of hours at minimum wage equals okay pay. Not complaining.

Muse has been playing merry making around my head for a few days now, and I've been full of ideas at inappropriate times (because yes, brain, spawning an epic AU when I'm rushing around getting ready to run after a bus for work is clearly the best idea). Some of them have been written down, most haven't.
Hopefully the influx of new creativity will continue and I'll manage to remember to post things! (and get over my own self-confidence enough to actually post them and not just make a draft to sit in my folder for all eternity...)

Lastly, if I have your address, you can pretty much assume that you will be getting a winterthing from me. It just... will take a while. On top of shipping, I'm making things with a 21 day cure time and, like the wonderful art major-to-be I am, forgot to factor the cure time into my paint and mail time. Aren't I fabulously brilliant? So! Things. They will be coming, just... late.

And that shall be all for this I think. Signing off with the hopes I will remember to sign on with something/anything tomorrow!
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Not dead guys! Just very busy/stressed/frustrated. Between job1, job2, and schoolwork, my free time has been zapped down to maybe 9 hours on a free day, and 3 hours on full days (if I can stay awake that long. I tend to drop asleep after just an hour of free time). So online presence will be scattershot and wobbly.

cutting for those uninterested in RL rambles )

The tl;dr point of this post is that I’m short on free time. And I have way too many WIPs open.

So! A query for my lovely followers! (stealing some of this format from a meme I saw floating around, but never got involved in) I’m going to post some snippets from various fic(let)s I’m working on, and if you could poke me about the one you’re interested in most, I’ll try and finish that up first! :D
If you want, I can also post a longer snippet of whatever one you want! Also hoping that this pokes me into writing more.
(should I warn for un-beta-ness?)

Please Don’t Insist (TF fourshot) G1 First Aid/Prowl. 
There was a moment when First Aid wasn’t sure if Prowl was joking. )

Can’t Afford to Care
(TF oneshot/prequel) Deadlock/Ratchet.
These two fall down a hole during a battle. There are misunderstandings. Then porn. )

(TF fiveshot) BV Optimus Prime/Starscream.
In which Starscream is breaking, and Optimus is overly self-sacrificing and speaks before he thinks. )

Bondage Isn’t Free
(HP oneshot) Evan Rosier/multiple.
It’s based on a meme. And has lots of dark porn. )

Life as a Blonde
(HP multichapter)
Harry gets flung back in time into Draco’s body. )

Bonded Forever
(SHINee AU fic) Jonghyun/Taemin, past!Jonghyun/Key.
Jonghyun runs into Key again years after the other assassin saved his life. )


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