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This is from Ariaeris of’s profile page. I highly support everything he said in this and decided to repost this on my journal so more people could read it. This is copied directly – in its entirety – from his profile page.


Hello everyone in the world of fanfiction! I know I have been absolutely horrible lately about updating; the next chapter of AMoM is already a month delayed, I dropped out of Kamerreon's drabble challenge, and Alexithymia and the MWAHA 'verse still need to be wrapped up. I really am sorry about how everything seems to be on hold; I have the typical excuses of school, a new job, college applications, but really, there is no excuse.
This little section isn't about that (though I do apologize; just thought I'd get that out there). No, I wouldn't interrupt the above anti-homophobia message for something as small as that. No, I have something much more important to say.

I got a flame today.

Now, even that fact is insignificant. Honestly, I don't really care to announce to the world that I received a poorly-written, grammatically incorrect, piece of shit from a reader whose brain capacity is tantamount to that of a speck of dust, but I think there is something that should be pointed out. Two things actually:

1. It was a homophobic flame.

2. It made light of the painful and destructive reality that is suicide.

I do not want to sound preachy. I do not want to act high and mighty. Everyone has a right to an opinion and no matter how much I might dislike said opinions, I acknowledge the fact that people are allowed to have them. I will not argue that one point of view is utterly and completely wrong; that would be the epitome of foolish. On a very personal level I have a deep abhorrence for homophobia and frivolity related to suicide, but I am not going to work myself up into a dither because of it.

What I am going to do is tell the cowardly piece of shit who dared tell me to go kill myself is that if he or she takes that attitude to anywhere else online and I find a way to know who this anonymous fool is, I will make their life a living hell. I understand the nature of the online community; anonymity removes some of our more basic controls over our language and behaviors and, without the fear of repercussion, many of us act in ways we would never dare to under public scrutiny. I understand that aspect completely, but that does not excuse such behavior.

Even if the Internet provides anonymity, we are all still human beings, subjected to our own personal whims, beliefs, and, yes, weaknesses. Telling someone to go kill themselves, without any regard to the person behind the computer, behind the anonymity, is not just stupid and immature, but dangerous. You're one person, one person who doesn't have the courage to leave an address to which I can reply to, one person who, in the long run, will have no significance in my life whatsoever.

But what happens if you did? What happens if I was depressed? What happens if I was thinking of committing suicide? What happens if I had poured my soul into the piece of work you flamed for such a reason as homophobia when in the story's summary I clearly declared the pairing as homosexual? You said that 'people came to see a good pairing?' Two things, flamer of mine: either you just clicked on my story without any regard to what I had written and decided to flame me because of something I had clearly warned beforehand (making you an idiot), or you clicked on my story for the sole purpose of flaming me (which would make you extremely petty).

Pettiness and idiocy; think of those two things. Back to my musings though: what if I had been on the edge of suicidal depression and you, through your comments, managed to be the final straw to push me over that edge? Because of either your idiocy or your pettiness, I committed suicide. Congratulations; you had a hand in the death of someone. You will never be charged with any crime, you will never be associated with any transgression, hell, and you may never know such an event took place. But doesn't that just make it worse? Every flame you leave, every idiotic or petty comment might be that final straw, that push over the edge, that little shove towards suicide. And all because you told a person to kill themselves.

Makes your 'review' seem a little less like a good idea, doesn't it? A family member close to me tried to commit suicide twice, my flamer. Guess what? It wasn't fucking funny. And you just going around, casually telling people to go kill themselves because either you are an idiot or a petty fool really pisses me off. I said I would never tear a person down because of their opinions, but this is not an opinion; this is you potentially being an accessory to someone's suicide.

Is it really worth it then? Is the minor thrill, that exercise of your free speech really that important that you would take a person's life for it? At the end of the day, can you really be happy with yourself because you managed to express your beliefs in such a way that, to someone who might be experiencing an emotional low point, they might actually take your advice? Do you really want that weight on your mind? Do you?

You might never read this; I'm actually expecting you not to. I might be coming off as a self-righteous prick here, but you know what? I honestly don't care. I think everything I've said here needed to be said. Too many times have I've seen cowardly flamers leave reviews in people's hard work telling them to kill themselves or that they should be killed just to scurry off, pleased with themselves, to some other part of the ever-so-anonymous Internet. It's disgusting, wrong, and in no way justifiable; what right do you, or anyone else as a matter of fact, have to tell someone they should kill themselves or be killed?

So anyone who reads this, just please take into account that while we are all anonymous here, we are all still people. The only thing without feelings on the Internet is the conduit we use; no matter who we are, writer, reviewer, flamer, et cetera, we all have opinions, individual thoughts, and emotions. The consequences of a careless word could span farther than you intended; a single thoughtless action could change another person's life.

And, in the end, is anyone willing to be responsible for another's death because we told them to kill themselves?


Ps: I'm probably going to remove this. I will admit that I wrote this as an emotional reaction and that my stance flip-flopped wildly throughout, from actively pursuing violence to vehemence to being preachy, but I stand by every single thing I've said here; I honestly do believe every single thing I wrote. I do want to apologize to anyone I might have offended inadvertently though, for I did not mean any harm, just to give my opinion on what I find to be one of the most disturbing reflections of human behavior I have seen on this site and others. I had only good intentions writing this and if that did not come across to the reader, then I apologize once more.

Pps: I’ve gotten quite a few PMs asking me to keep this message up, and to tell the truth, I don’t want to take it down either. So, I’m keeping it up untouched, postscript and terribly outdated beginning in all, so that the emotions behind it can remain preserved. A great big thank you to everyone who gave me a kind word after reading the kind-of rant; though I may not have replied to you all, your words meant more to me than you might ever know.



Just to reiterate: THIS IS NOT MINE


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