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After scouring the new rules of NaNoWriMo this year (which have gotten stricter since I first joined and caused me some concern for my novel at first), I think I have finally settled on my idea for the month.
Since I still don't have an actual original fiction novel idea in plot, I'm following the lovely lead of [personal profile] sharpest_asp and writing multiple stories. Mine will be an anthology of Transformers fanfiction ideas I've had sitting in the wings for a little while now. And yes, I did verify the rules to make sure I'm still allowed to validate my win at the end of the month (willing I actually finish these stories).

c/p from the NaNo site (just in case anyone else was wondering):
I'm writing fanfiction. Am I a rebel?

Not even a little. The only rule we have for content is that it must be fiction. Beyond that...

I'm writing a collection of short stories. Am I a rebel?

Probably not. There's no actual rule on this one. We define a novel as "a lengthy work of fiction." However, we the moderators feel that since you find short story collections on the shelves alongside longer works of fiction, if they're related, they count. They need to have some common theme, or linking thread that weaves them together that makes them a single, "lengthy work of fiction."

I can easily link two of them, "Faith" and "Burn Me Alive", since I count Starscream setting other mechs on fire as a linking thread (and the fire is actually essential to each plot!).
"Can't Afford to Care" and "Deadlocked" would be a bit harder to link in if I needed to write them to add to word count, but I'm sure if I need to, I'll just set some mech on fire in each of those as well and make it a collection about mechs getting set on fire and advancing the plot.'d actually be pretty easy to set somemech on fire in each of them...

*headdesk* or I can always say that since they're in the same fandom and they're each rare pairs, that's a good enough link to count. even though I kinda wanna set Deadlock on fire now
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