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Recoded my journal layout some. Not sure yet if I like it enough to stop fiddling, or if I'll go back to the old version I had with SG First Aid. All I know right now is that my head hurts, my joints hurt, and it looks good enough to me for right now. Ugh *sniffs* I hate colds.

By the way, if you do image work/design work and haven't heard of COPASCO yet, go see! It's pretty awesome, and I've been using it to scheme my LJ and DW layout colours. The software is tied to COLOURLovers, which, if you haven't messed with either *nudges,* is an awesome site with colour palettes and seamless background images. It's pretty much my first stop for any messing around I do.

And now? Imma go collapse for a while I think.

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