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In which I was scrolling Tumblr, saw a picture of Kise, mistook it for Dino, and a plunny came and burrowed itself in my brain.

The chimes for the subway were blaring their usual caphophny of sound as Dino stepped onto the crowded sidewalk and was pushed along with the crowd of people - not falling when he tripped thanks to the sheer pressure of people surrounding him. His thoughts were so happily full with trying to remember where his new little brother lived and thinking of when he should call Romario to let his right hand know where he had snuck off to that he missed the exit sign proclaiming this station to be, not Namimori as the Don had planned, but Kanagawa.

"Kise!" The loud shout was the only warning Dino had before a foot impacted the back of his head and pushed him stumbling forward so his knees collapsed and his hands ground against the sidewalk to keep his face from impacting said concrete with force enough to knock him out. 'What the-' he wondered as he shifted his weight and spun to stare at the high school student before him. The sight of the dark haired teen's eyes widening as his cheeks flushed and his words began tripping over themselves was what kept Dino from following his spin through with a kick of his own to knock his supposed attacker back.


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