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 After getting let out of class early tonight, Cait and I drove around for a while just for the hell of it. Scoping out spots for possible future shoots, laughing at the fact we got lost in our own city, and then cursing when people showed up behind us with their brights on.

Only a few minutes into this wonderful adventure and I remembered this old, out of the way cemetery that looked kinda cool. It had a long windy gravel road that went back into the darkness of a forest, was off the beaten path, and had the only streetlight for miles. (aka: creepy as fuck) Naturally I said, "Why don't we go have a quick shoot there. We could use the headlights from the car and get some epic night lighting!" Caits, loyal hench that she is, agreed. ♥

And thus began our adventure... *dun dun dun*

Upon reaching our destination, Caits turned to me and said, quite clearly, "Naoi, I know how this movie ends." XD Two girls, alone in the dark, on this old path that disappears into who knows where, in a graveyard, taking photos.

After only a few shots, it was discovered we really should have brought a tripod because we had to let the image process for longer than normal due to the low lighting conditions. I also realized that if we left the camera on manual settings, all the shots would come out blurry because Caits has problems keeping steady. So, we switched to auto in the hopes I could magic up some epicness later. We also shut off the car and left the really cool backside of this old, spiderweb covered church to head to the front where the single streetlight was. We ended up shooting just in front of the light in order to get enough lighting for the image to focus on me instead of the sea of blackness around me.

Every time a car went zooming by at what had to be at least 80mph or more, we would jump in the bushes or behind a pillar so they wouldn't see us and try and grab us. I thought it was fun. Shows where my head is I guess. 
It kinda freaked us out though when this car drove down what must have been another gravel drive a block or so down from us in a field. We saw it drive by, and Cait screamed it was circling to get us, so we tried to dodge into the bushes, and then the car disappeared into the blackness out towards the mystery forest both of us refused to contemplate. Like, just poofed. Sudden lack of headlights, crunch of tires on gravel, anything.

The best part (besides the photos we salvaged) was that out of the blue, this cow mooed from behind Caits. She literally jumped in the air with a gasp before running to hide behind me. Like I could do anything. XD Apparently, the field next door to the cemetery housed a cow. Which continued to moo at us for the duration of the shoot although we never saw it. Kinda weird to have a cow beside a cemetery though. o~O
Cait also found it amusing when I tried to high kick this beetle-bug-creepy-crawling-thing that appeared beside my shoulder. I missed, sadly (I blame the vinyl pants hindering my movement). She laughed. Then shrieked five shots later when I pointed out the beetle beside her foot. Which promptly got squished. XD

All in all, it was quite an adventure to add to our collection. We only managed to get maybe ten/fifteen good shots out of the whole thing, but we're thinking of heading back out next week or so with a tripod and flash (and maybe some muscle in the form of testosterone) to try this again. X3


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